Things You Should Know About ITIN Application Process

There is a few useful information you should know about the ITIN application process. In this article, we have compiled a few pieces of information that we think may be useful to you. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully review all the discussed information below.

What is an ITIN Application Process for? #

The purpose of an ITIN Application Process is always being wondered by our clients. The truth is that paying taxes is required when it comes to planning to work in the United States. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, abbreviated as ITIN, is a tax id number used by people who are not eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to file federal tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues an ITIN which is a nine-digit number that always starts with a 9. Its fourth digit in the series is either a 7 or 8. Unlike the other forms of tax IDs, ITINs only have one purpose: tax filing and reporting. This means that having an ITIN does not allow you to take advantage of benefits such as Social Security or the Earned Income Tax Credit, immigration status, working in the United States.

ITINs can be used:

  • To build a credit history
  • To apply for credit cards, auto loans, and other U.S. bank credits

Who should apply for an ITIN? #

We must say that regardless of immigration status, both resident and non-resident aliens may obtain ITINs. Who might need an ITIN? Let’s check below:

itin application
  • Non-U.S. residents who are in need of filing a tax return
  • Resident aliens who are required to file a tax return on the basis of the number of days they
  • reside in the United States
  • Dependents or the spouse of a U.S. citizen or resident alien
  • Dependents or spouse of nonresident alien visa holders

If you are living abroad, you can also apply for an ITIN. At einitin.com you may start your ITIN application process right now!

ITIN Application Process #

Although the ITIN application process may seem complex and confusing for many people, it is a quite smooth process once you know which steps you need to take. In order to apply for an ITIN, complete submission of the IRS Form W-7 is required. This one-page application demands your:

  • Name and birth name, if different
  • Birthdate and birthplace
  • The reason you are submitting the form
  • Identification documents to accompany the application, such as a passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID
  • Foreign status or immigration documents in original form or certified copies

You should note that you must provide your prior ITIN on your application if you have used it in the past years.

It is better to start your ITIN application process before your income tax return is due. Submitting an application past the tax due date may cause you to get penalties or interests. To put it simply, the Mid-July is the due date to file an income tax for most taxpayers. Within seven weeks, it is quite possible that you hear from the IRS about your ITIN application approval status.

application process

Remember to check for missing details or mistakes before sending the application, because it can take more than seven weeks to process incomplete applications (e.g., lack of proper identification or immigration documentation).

ITIN Expiration & Renewal #

Your ITIN has an expiration date. If you haven’t used your ITIN for the few past years for the purpose of filing a tax return, you must renew your number. The IRS urges taxpayers to start their renewal process immediately to avoid the rush. For more details, you can check here.

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