Revival of a Delaware LLC

To revive a Delaware LLC, you just have to file a certificate of revival of Delaware limited liability company form.

The form costs $169 and is in your online account at all times. You mail it into the Delaware Division of Corporations at 401 Federal Street, STE 4 Dover, DE 19901. You can fax this in as well.

You must make sure all your Delaware annual LLC taxes have been paid (the $300 a year annual tax). The state will not process your revival if you owe DE LLC tax.

The following terms are used by the Delaware Division of Corporations:

  • Void – You didn’t pay your Delaware LLC taxes.
  • Forfeited – You didn’t keep a DE registered agent or your DE registered agent resigned.
  • Cancelled – You dissolved your Delaware LLC.

So in summary if you’re looking to revive your Delaware LLC you:

  • Hire us as your new Delaware registered agent.
  • Pay your taxes if owe any to Delaware. The link is in your online account.
  • File the revival form with the state.
  • For more on how to file your Delaware franchise tax: How to file your Delaware Franchise Tax.