2 Easy Ways to Apply for an ITIN for a Child

Applying for an ITIN for a child is a common issue that we frequently heard from our clients. Anyone in the United States without a Social Security Number requires an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number which is abbreviated as ITIN. This involves Non-resident and Resident Aliens dependents.

What is ITIN? #

An individual taxpayer identification number is a nine-digit tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Its format is like “9XX-7X-XXXX”. It always begins with the number “9” and has “8” or “7” in the fourth digit as you can see in the sample format above. Unlike the other forms of tax IDs, ITINs only have one purpose: tax filing and reporting. This means that having an ITIN does not allow you to take advantage of benefits such as Social Security or the Earned Income Tax Credit, immigration status, working in the United States.

Who is Eligible for Obtaining an ITIN? #

ITIN is required for tax purposes such as filing a federal income tax return and obtained by individuals who are not eligible to hold a Social Security Number (SSN). According to the United States laws, it is not possible that an alien individual may hold both an SSN and ITIN. As long as you have tax and payment responsibilities to the United States, immigration status is not a consideration to receive an ITIN as well. In order to be eligible for an ITIN, you have to qualify into one of the following categories:

  • Non-U.S. residents who need filing a tax return
  • Resident aliens who are required to file a tax return on the basis of the number of days they reside in the United States
  • Dependents or the spouse of a U.S. citizen or resident alien
  • Dependents or spouse of nonresident alien visa holders

ITINs can be used:

  • To build a credit history
  • To apply for credit cards, auto loans, and other U.S. bank credits

How to Apply for an ITIN for a Child? #

The online ITIN form is a simple way for your child to receive an ITIN. After your child is issued an ITIN, when filing and reporting taxes, you can claim him/her as a dependent. There are two ways a child can obtain an ITIN.

  • List children as dependents when filling out the Form W-7
  • Apply for ITIN for a child through a different Form W-7

The first one might be the best way for your child to get an ITIN. Both procedures can also be used for biological and adopted children under the age of 18, however, an adopted child needs some additional documentation.

Apply for an ITIN for a Child

What is Required to Apply for ITIN for my Child? #

Whichever way – mentioned above – you choose to apply for ITIN for your child, the application documents will be the same. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for ITIN number and follow the ITIN W-7 instructions:

  • Completing an accurate Form W-7
  • Printing out the completed Form W-7
  • Gathering relevant id information
  • Attaching federal income tax return (tax returns if more than one)
  • Sending an application with all this information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

If your child does not have a passport, providing some documents displaying his/her foreign status and identity is required. These documents might be school records and a civil birth certificate. Issuance of ITIN may take 8-10 weeks. All original documents submitted as part of the application packet will return within 60 days of the application processing to the mailing address indicated on the ITIN W-7 form.

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